Day 9

Tomorrow is casting its gaze upon us, daring us to sleep. Furrowed brows and sight reading again today, but for the last time! And What a day! Much action in the CoLab department, with many avenues of exploration being walked. It is currently quarter past 11, and I want to fall into the arms of night. Just a few more hours!!!

Here is what today was:


Elle played some notes, and so did Matt.



All FOUR of our dancers did some strange standing.



Tim ate some chocolate and spilt style all over the floor.



Fred had a MANY SCREENS LOGIC SESSIONputting the finishing touches to some music.


Look at the stars! look, look up at the skies!

O look at all the fire-folk sitting in the air!

The bright boroughs, the circle-citadels there!

Down in the dim woods the diamond delves! the elves’ -eyes!


Gerard Hopkins was of course, talking about CoLab.



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Day 8

What a LONG DAY!

The morning arrived promptly at 8 o clock, and was attacked lovingly. We:

– made poster (which you can see below, it is extremely beautiful)

– rehearsed much music.

– wrote many words

– had a delicious wrap called a Meze, which is like vegetables and hommos and stuff.


The evening consisted of italian food, italian lager and irish determination. We stayed up CoLabing until TWO IN THE MORNING doing things like this:


important text files



Tim found some notes on an organ on the floor.



Things were written on some paper (they are undecipherable come morning).

Now is the start of our LAST FULL DAY. Tim is currently looking like a hipster on his macbook, and is writing some flute and bassoon grooves. He just drank some earl grey tea. Sans lait (very hackney).



It is a very beautiful day.

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After many hours of trying to use image manipulation software Tim and Fred came out with THIS:



We will see you there.

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Day 6 & 7 – the Weekend

Very many things to do – as well as organising and all that, we each had to learn music, write music, and DANCE.

It is very important to balance CoLab(oration) with EnTertainment, and to that end we did some work and some fun things this weekend:


Fred wrote some things on some paper.



Time made some pancakes. He took it Very Seriously, and did it Very Well.


Not long to go now! If we’re lucky, we might get to record a quick interview for COLAB_TV tomorrow! Woo!

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Day 5

Aside from all the many hour of personal practice we are all doing, a few members of TeamCells went to the venue, the old police station in New Cross, today.

It is a very cool space. Here is what we did there.


PianoChris, ComposerTim and CelloMatt talked about some very important things.



Matt played some Bach in a cell. It was in Dminor and Chris said it was quite poignant. I agree.



This was written in one of the cells. It made me think about prison and stuff properly.


It is now the end of a week. I think we would all agree that this week has been successful and enjoyable. Hopefully this weekend will include:

  • Chris writing the rest of the piece for the second scene
  • Fred working on some of the ideas he had with Chris about his installations (the piano for which we recorded on day 4, some Arvo Part and some Thomas Ades)
  • Leah and some other dancers choreographing a few tasty movements
  • An amount of practice
  • Tim being on time (maybe, unlikely)

Stay Happy and Loving!


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Day 4

Today, we did many important things.

Our CoLab day kicked off with a studio session with Chris for his installation/performance:


We also had a trial run of the first ‘scene’, and all the instrumentalists played their pieces. Here is Matt playing some Bach, and Leah watching him.


We also discussed many important things about music:


FINALLY, did you ever play that game at school (or in the pub…) which involves trying to count as high as possible without 2 people saying the same number at the same time? Yeh we did that with NOTES derived from PHONE NUMBERS. We are artists:


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Day 2 & 3

Sorting stuff out, getting things together, and cementing ideas. A few days in, and we’re getting there. Pieces for the first section are being chosen, and dances are being danced. Here is a beatiful (and extremely accurate) map of the venue:

colab floor plan

As for the order of events, this is a (very) rough schedule:

colab evening plan

I think we’re all getting along fine!

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